Adidas Aegibust 'First-come-first-served' stores

Adidas's Aegibust 350 V2 Zebra sneakers have been sold out in online stores since 11 a.m.

According to related industries on the 9th, Adidas online store, which had been plagued by people since morning, is currently operating normally. 

However, online first-come-first-served sales have already been sold out. Instead, the first-come-first-served shopping mall starts at 11:00 a.m. and some stores are lining up to buy the Aegibust Gibra.

Adidas's Aegibust series is a pair of shoes that American rapper and producer Kanye West participated in as designers. They are sold only in small 스포츠토토 quantities by each country, and are considered to be high-value shoes.

In particular, the Aegibust 350 V2 Gibra is the most popular model among the Aegubust series, and it was re-issued in June of the same year after its first release in February last year. According to the official U.S. website of Adidas, the price is 220 dollars. 

Currently, there are offline stores selling Zibra sneakers from Busan's Aegabust 350 V2 More details can be found on the Adidas homepage.

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